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Bank Name: Indusind Bank
Branch : Rn Mukherjee Rd- Kolkata
Account Number : 201014190417
IFSC Code: INDB0000382

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I am shampa mandal. My age is 44 years. I am a sick patient, l have a stone in gallbladder. The doctor says the operation has to be done. I need a lot of money for the operation. But my financial situation is very bad so I can't afford to pay that much. I have received good financial from bishohari and jesus seba foundation .But I need more money. If you all help me with some money , my life will be safed. My sincere request to all of you is to help me financially as much as you can.

Bishohari and jesus seba foundation.
A/c No. 201014190417
IFSC : INDB0000382 .If you donation please send of this A/C number .Thank you.

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Bishohari and Jesus Seba Foundation

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